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    Skin by Jennifer Ashley

    Skin Irregularities

    Skin irregularities cause the skin to look aged, blotchy, and unhealthy. Creating a more uniform appearance of the skin makes the skin look healthy, radiant, and younger. Skin irregularities can be bothersome for wearing jewelry, clothing, or a bathing suit and deflate your confidence as they can be embarrassing.

    The Skin Classic machine uses high frequency electrical current to treat all kinds of irregularities, even some laser cannot treat.

    Skin tags, broken capillaries, flat hyperpigmentation, sebaceous hyperplasia, seborrheic keratosis, cherry angiomas, syringomas, and more.

    Skin Care Treatments

     Whatever your skin care concern I have treatments to address the issue. I specialize in skin issues such as Acne, Skin Irregularities, Pigmentation, Aging, Texture Irregularities, and Scars.

    I offer Classic Facials, Advanced Facials, Peels, MicroPeels, Stem Cell MicroChanneling, Stem Cell MicroNeedling, Hyperfocused Corrective Treatments, and relaxing, luxurious enhancements.

    Acne Clinic

    Tried everything and still have Acne? Is acne affecting your life? Your self confidence? Tired of prescriptions and tired of not understanding the cause of your acne? Tired of the shame and embarassment? Do you want to be able to go without makeup? Walk with your head held high? I am a former acne sufferer myself and this is my specialty..Let me help you conquer your acne!

    Waxing & Lash Lifts

    Experience customized waxing for hair removal on any area of the body. I use specific waxes for specific skin and hair types, resulting in smoother results, less painful treatments, and happy skin post wax :)

    Lash lifts give you that wake up with makeup look with no maintenance! Lashes are curled and tinted giving you longer beautiful lashes that are all yours.

    About me

    I help elevate the confidence of men & women with Acne, Skin Irregularities, and Aging Skin issues, allowing them to shine in their pursuit of happiness and success. Through targeted, results focused treatments/products, and lifestyle changes we heal the skin. Through compassion and acceptance, we mend the self esteem and confidence!

    I have been an Esthetician for 20 years, in the spa business for 23 years as a massage therapist, nail technician, educator, and spa manager. I have experience in every aspect of the industry, spas on cruise ships, waxing studio franchises, and elite day spas around the country. Skin care is my #1 passion and I would love the opportunity to give you the skin you never knew you had!

    My Approach

    I approach all my guests with compassion for the challenges they are facing, because I have faced those challenges too. I know the shame and embarrassment of having acne or other self esteem crushing skin issues.

    I take all aspects into consideration when determining a treatment or home care plan for a guest, lifestyle, budget, health conditions, medications, and then I customize each plan specifically for each guest.

    My approach can work with your medical regimen or on its own. I always seek out the answers for my clients, no matter what it takes. I am devoted to your health, wellness, and beauty!

    I get my acne facials, skincare products, and waxing here.
    My face has never looked better. I’ve went to many facial places and dermatologist, and have had horrible acne since I was 13 (I’m 21 now). Now my face is finally clear only after 3 months. I feel so much more confident in my skin now and don’t even have to wear make up anymore.
    I highly recommended this place. Jen is very helpful and informative about skincare. Please go see her, she will get your skin back in order!

    Sarah M.