Wax Poetic Spa

10823 Seminole Boulevard #3B

Seminole, Fl 33778



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Who is Wax Poetic Spa?

Wax Poetic Spa is an exclusive spa that offers corrective skin care treatments, specialty acne treatments, and customized waxing. We are a therapist run facility so we encourage our guests to book online as we are in treatments during the day.

Why "Wax Poetic" ? Some people thinks wax poetic refers to our customized waxing services because we are so well known for that, but wax poetic is actually a phrase meaning what do you speak passionately about? We could speak endlessly and passionately about skin care, self care, and wellness so Wax Poetic Spa is all about our passion of taking care of others, helping them look and feel their best, and helping to solve our guests problems !

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Jennifer Clark, Owner

Licensed Esthetician

Certified Acne Specialist

Certified Skin Classic Specialist