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Skin Classic Cosmetic Treatments

Looking to take your skin care to the next level?

Want to rid your skin of skin tags, broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas, cherry angiomas, flat hyperpigmentation, and other skin irregularities?

Our advanced esthetic procedures can assist you in having smooth, even toned skin creating a more homogeneous, healthy looking skin. Eliminating the rough textured, discolored irregularities creates a younger, healthier, more vibrant skin!


Combine our Advanced Esthetic Procedures with a series of MicroPeels and have everyone asking what your secret is.


  • Skin Classic is an affordable, non invasive, non laser, high frequency machine used for the correction of minor skin irregularities and imperfections.

  • Most irregularities only require one treatment!

  • Create a more homogeneous, even tone skin and correct texture and pigment irregularities.

  • Costs thousands less that medical treatments.

  • Skin Classic treatments can be performed on face, hands, arms, chest, stomach, and back.

  • Pricing ranges from $25-$450 depending on the type of irregularity to be treated, location of the irregularities, and size of area to be treated.

Skin Classic Treatments

All requests for skin classic treatments require a consultation to rule out medical contraindications and determine pricing. Bulk pricing is determined by consultation, example 5 skin tags for $125. Options also exist for clients that have multiple types of irregularities in multiple areas, pricing by time. Typical price by time is $150 per half hour, many irregularities can be treated in that time frame.

Only have one irregularity or want to try it out first? Here is pricing per irregularity:

Clogged Pores        $20 and up                     

(milia, blackheads, whiteheads, acne cysts)

Syringomas           $55 and up

Sebaceous Hyperplasia          $25 and up

(overactive oil glands)

Telangiectasia      $40 and up

(broken capillaries)


small      $35 and up

large       $50 and up

Skin Tags:

small-flat               $40 and up

small w/ stalk       $45 and up

large                       $75 and up

Cherry Angiomas    $40 and up

Flat Hyperpigmentation:

small     $35 and up

large      $55 and up

Seborrheic Keratosis:

small    $35 and up

large     $75 and up

DPN-Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Common in ethnic skin tones like latino and african tones, a good example is Morgan Freeman's facial spots, those are DPN.

small   $35 and up

large    $75 and up

Xanthelasma       $50 and up

(cholesterol deposits)

Numbing Cream  $30

Lidocaine and benzocaine based numbing cream is used for certain treatment, requires 30 minute extra treatment time for numbing process.

Skin Classic consultations are $25, this fee will be applied toward your treatment cost if you decide to pursue the treatment.

Jennifer Clark L.E. Skin Classic Certified

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